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What Does Selling "As-Is" Involve?

Selling "as-is" means we buy your home exactly as it stands. No need for repairs, renovations, or prepping for open houses. After purchase, we'll take care of any necessary fixes and/or clean up. This approach not only saves you the hassle but also the expense of home preparations.

What Do You Mean By An "All-Cash Offer"?

An "all-cash offer" is precisely what it sounds like: direct cash for your property. As direct buyers, we bypass traditional bank financing, eliminating risks of loan denials or delays. The offer we make is the exact amount you receive at closing.

How Fast Is "Fast Closing"?

A fast closing means that after learning about your property, we can extend a fair cash offer within 24 to 48 hours. Should you agree, we can finalize the deal at a trusted local title company in just 14 days, a stark contrast to the traditional market's lengthy process.

What If I Don't Need A "Fast Close"?

Your schedule is paramount at Strickly Houses. If an immediate closing doesn't align with your plans, we'll arrange the closing date that suits you best, ensuring you have ample time for your next steps.

I Don't Want A Lowball Offer.

We aim for fairness in every offer, calculating our proposals based on your home's potential value post-improvement. Our process is open, and we're eager to discuss how we determine our offers, ensuring clarity and fairness.

Is This Even Legit?

Indeed, it is legitimate. The evolving real estate market is prompting homeowners to seek alternative, straightforward selling options. Strickly Houses provides just that—a transparent, straightforward alternative for those looking to sell without the traditional market's demands. We evaluate your needs, offer a clear cash proposal, and close according to your timeline.

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